Circling the Drain

Sad, Fat, and Dry with Dr. Linda Dahl

February 02, 2022 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki Season 2 Episode 15
Circling the Drain
Sad, Fat, and Dry with Dr. Linda Dahl
Show Notes

Who would think that an otolaryngologist could make us giggle like 12 year-olds at a slumber party, but that's exactly what happened with the fabulous Dr. Linda Dahl. You will hear a great deal of cackles, guffaws, and even a hearty snort as we cover the journey of this incredible woman who has excelled at enough careers to span several lifetimes. Learn about her work as one of the only female ringside fight doctors, her path from breastfeeding frustration to becoming an expert and author of two books on the topic, and her unique approach to confidence via the advice of a patient who also happened to be a dominatrix. Best of all, she reminds us that the symptoms of perimenopause can be so confusing that even a medical expert can be convinced that she's dying. Dying... of menopause.

Dr. Linda Dahl
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Better Breastfeeding: A Doctor's Guide to Nursing Without Pain and Frustration
Tooth and Nail: The Making of a Female Fight Doctor
Clinician's Guide to Breastfeeding: Evidence-based Evaluation and Management
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