Circling the Drain

Cancer Classes at Kellerman's

November 17, 2021 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki Season 1 Episode 10
Circling the Drain
Cancer Classes at Kellerman's
Show Notes

Stephanie Kilroy and Nancy Ellwood are badass b*tches who have overcome breast cancer and rectal cancer, and who are determined to laugh about the good ("We were surrounded by family and friends"), the bad ("I went through menopause twice!"), and the ugly ("I had a bag of liquid poop hanging off my body"). Tune in for a candid chat about doodies, doobies, dildos, and how it always comes back to Dirty Dancing.

Steph: Valley Forge and Montgomery County, PA

Nancy: Arcadia Publishing

Chick Mission Effexor for treatment of hot flashes

NY Times: Should Your Cocktail Carry a Cancer Warning?

The Body Keeps the Score

Heal Documentary

What can I do to reduce my odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer?

Most common cancers in women and how to detect them early

Vessel Health

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