Circling the Drain

Life in the Pause with Monique Cupid and Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

March 20, 2024 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Monique Cupid and Dixie Lincoln-Nichols Season 3 Episode 69
Circling the Drain
Life in the Pause with Monique Cupid and Dixie Lincoln-Nichols
Show Notes

Monique Cupid and Dixie Lincoln-Nichols are menopausal women who met up during the pandemic to talk about work for a project. Without fail, at every weekly meeting, the conversation drifted to menopause, the symptoms each of them was experiencing, and the frustrations they felt about the lack of support, resources, equity, and community. Together, they formed Life in the Pause, with the mission of transforming the menopause journey into an empowered and celebrated experience through accessible education, resources, and community support. We talk about everything from toxicants in beauty products to doctors leaving 30-something women in the dark to the importance of dance breaks. You know how it is when we get together with two brilliant and fascinating humans... nothing is off limits. We won't apologize for talking about our farts and our pubes. We simply won't.

Topics and timestamps
10:50 - How Life in the Pause was born
16:45 - What is a Self-Care Sabbatical?
21:48 - Increasing 30-somethings' awareness of perimenopause
28:15 - The importance of clean ingredients in beauty products
40:40 - Menopause. Needs. More. Attention.

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