Circling the Drain

The Ambassador of Fun with Robin Gelfenbien

March 06, 2024 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Robin Gelfenbien Season 3 Episode 68
Circling the Drain
The Ambassador of Fun with Robin Gelfenbien
Show Notes

Lately, as we have gotten older and our preferences have changed, we have been wondering, "What is fun?" Robin Gelfenbien, the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Fun, is the perfect person to answer that question. Right out of college, Robin was chosen out of thousands of people to drive the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, and her experience provided excellent fodder for her acclaimed solo show "My Salvation Has a First Name: A Wienermobile Journey”. She has had several other fun jobs from creator and producer of the storytelling series and podcast "Yum's the Word" to co-hosting the podcast "Hello Menopause" to producing Isaac Mizrahi's podcast "Hello Isaac". Robin inspires us with her stories of involving strangers in all kinds of fun, but we also talk about things like thinning hair and anxiety, two very common and un-fun symptoms of perimenopause. If you are like us and are re-defining your definition of fun (there is nothing wrong with skipping that party!), this episode is for you.

Topics and timestamps
12:35 - Thinning hair is not fun
23:18 - Anxiety is also not fun
31:12 - Driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is the most fun
40:44 - Hosting and producing podcasts is also fun
42:52 - In midlife, what is the definition of fun?

Handles and sites
Robin's website
Robin's Insta
Yum's the Word Youtube
Yum's the Word Podcast
Robin's Facebook
Robin's Tik Tok

List of Resources Mentioned
Midlife Doesn't Have to Be a Crisis by Jancee Dunn
Robin telling her airplane story on YouTube
No, YOU Tell It! "Fly By" featuring Ellie as host and Robin as a writer/storyteller
An Old Medicine Grows New Hair for Pennies a Day, Doctors Say
Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and Hot Dogger Community
Hello Menopause Podcast
Hello Isaac Podcast

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Julia G Wellness

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