Circling the Drain

Going Commando with Blaire Postman

October 25, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Blaire Postman Season 3 Episode 61
Circling the Drain
Going Commando with Blaire Postman
Show Notes

Blaire Postman is a comedian who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and then embraced it as a super-power. She created a solo show called Lady ADHD: Hilariously Mind Blowing Observations from a Hyper-Insightful Brain. Due to a current medication shortage, we got to interview Blaire ten days into "going commando", and we talked about emotional dysregulation, song-stimming, and how a performance piece about a topic like ADHD can make audiences feel seen and not alone. We can relate to that for sure. We hope that you will relate to Ellie cursing at her son in a fit of perimenopausal aggression, and Julia's incredulousness at the fact that they only just invented a crash test dummy that mimics the female form.

Topics and timestamps
12:50 Being diagnosed with ADHD as a 30-year-old female
16:30 The ADHD medicine shortage
18:23 Emotional dysregulation related to Adult ADHD
22:35 A job interview and mismatched shoes
29:00 Audience members' reactions to Lady ADHD

Handles and sites
Blaire's website
Blaire's Insta
Blaire's YouTube

List of Resources Mentioned
This is the first crash test dummy modelled on the female body. Will it make cars safer for women?
Adult ADHD
Clip of Blaire and a guest "song-stimming"

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Julia G Wellness

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