Circling the Drain

ADHD? Could it Be? with Dr. Kimberly Mangla

October 11, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Dr. Kimberly Mangla Season 3 Episode 60
Circling the Drain
ADHD? Could it Be? with Dr. Kimberly Mangla
Show Notes

Dr. Kimberly Mangla is a reproductive psychiatrist who works collaboratively with the obstetrics department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. She is involved in the teaching and supervision of psychotherapy and medication management during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. She also happens treat Julia's Adult ADHD, and in honor of ADHD Awareness Month, we asked her ALL of the questions. What is ADHD, and why do many women not discover this diagnosis until adulthood? How can someone have ADHD and be high-functioning and laser-focused all at once? What is the intersection between ADHD and perimenopause? When is it time to take medication to help treat it? Does Ellie have ADHD or is she merely addicted to the apps on her phone? We also talk about crunchy knees, forgetting to shower and brush teeth, and pharmacies that carry an expensive array of vibrators.

Topics and timestamps
14:00 Combining an OB/GYN education with psychiatry
17:25 Explaining the need for and lack of reproductive endocrinologists
20:40 Defining ADHD and what it looks like in children vs. adults
25:35 How can you have ADHD and be laser-focused at the same time?
32:04 What is "executive function"?
41:00 When to explore pharmaceutical intervention for ADHD
43:49 How perimenopause intersects with adult ADHD

Handles and sites
Dr. Mangla's Practice
Dr. Mangla's Insta
Dr. Mangla's Handbag Insta

List of Resources Mentioned
Knee Noise: Crepitus and Popping Explained
Adult ADHD

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