Circling the Drain

Women's Health Needs a Revolution with Dr. Maria Uloko

September 27, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki Season 3 Episode 59
Circling the Drain
Women's Health Needs a Revolution with Dr. Maria Uloko
Show Notes

Dr. Maria Uloko is fired up, and we are right there with her. As the first ever Black female Urology student at her university, she has been trailblazing for the entirety of her career. Dr. Uloko specializes in comprehensive sexual health which includes the medical and surgical management of ALL genders. She is considered a world leader in chronic pelvic pain and vulvar conditions, she believes in empowering her patients to take ownership of their sexual health by providing a shame-free space to ask questions and share their stories, and she seeks to close gaps in disparities of care and implement systems that promote diversity and inclusivity. She is also an international award winning researcher with a focus in vulvar health, most notably her research in defining how many nerves are in the human clitoris. (Can you believe that this number was not known until recently, when she and her colleagues embarked on a study?) She told us that the anatomy of the vulva is not taught in medical school, even to gynecologists, and that this lack of knowledge and adequate care is equivalent to malpractice against those with female anatomy. She wants to start a revolution to correct all of this nonsense, and we have pledged to be her soldiers. We will march to the beat of Beyonce, and we will eat a cake in the shape of Queen Bey while we do so.

Topics and timestamps
13:25 - Becoming a female urologist after being told she couldn't do it
18:35 - Providing gender-affirming care to people with every type of genitalia
20:58 - Taking charge of your own sexual health
26:17 - Pain is not acceptable. Women do not have to live with pain.
36:45 - Libido and orgasm: the two most complex portions of the sexual response cycle
42:54 - Discovering the number of nerves in the clitoris

Handles and sites
Dr. Uloko's Website
Dr. Uloko's Insta
Meet the Trailblazing Urologists on a Mission to Help Women Have Better Sex

List of Resources Mentioned
Is Menopause Changing My Hair?
Prevalence of female pattern hair loss in postmenopausal women: a cross-sectional study
How many nerve fibers innervate the human glans clitoris: a histomorphometric evaluation of the dorsal nerve of the clitoris

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