Circling the Drain

Where is the Menopause Section? with Jamie Phillips

June 21, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Jamie Phillips Season 3 Episode 52
Circling the Drain
Where is the Menopause Section? with Jamie Phillips
Show Notes

Jamie Phillips is a mensch. A seasoned nonprofit professional, she is grateful to have had the opportunity to provide services to uplift immigrants, refugees, isolated older adults, returning citizens, people who are unhoused, those experiencing mental health challenges, and those recovering from addiction. She was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer five months into the pandemic, and has since become passionate about amplifying the experiences of queer and gender expansive folks who experience breast/chest cancer and sudden menopause. We had such a good conversation with her, covering everything from the lack of ritual around the menopause transition, to the sometimes bizarre rituals when a child gets their first menstrual period, to what menopause care might look like by the time Gen Z is going through it, to the lack of a menopause section in the sex shop to - perhaps most importantly - the lack of inclusivity in menopause conversations, care, and even marketing. We also cover an unfortunate event involving a zipper and Ellie's belly, and we learn about how both hosts' moms responded when they got their first periods. Good times.

Topics and timestamps
8:48 - New FDA-approved drug for the treatment of hot flashes
13:44 - Going through sudden menopause as a result of estrogen-psitive cancer treatment
24:40 - What steps should be taken to include queer and gender-expansive folx in menopause care?
31:38 - Menopause in the workplace
38:22 - Finding cancer support as a member of the queer community

List of Resources Mentioned
FDA Approves Veozah
Veozah brand website
What Fresh Hell is This? by Heather Corinna

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