Circling the Drain

I Choose Me with Dr. Stacia Alexander

June 07, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Dr. Stacia Alexander Season 3 Episode 51
Circling the Drain
I Choose Me with Dr. Stacia Alexander
Show Notes

When we met Dr. Stacia Alexander at a menopause symposium, we were instantly drawn to her energy, magnetism, and hot-pink-suit-wearing confidence. A seasoned psychotherapist, she has worked with professional women helping them understand that the journey to success does not make them immune to emotional and cognitive changes. Her most recent work focuses on the importance of accessing mental health care early, and she has even written a book that we wish we had read almost 30 (!!!) years ago: 10 + Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in College. We loved talking to Dr. Alexander about her use of testosterone as part of her menopause hormone therapy, her decision to become "sugar sober", and when it's time to press the Emergency Stop Button and take stock of your life. Get ready for lots of inspirational phrases that won't make you roll your eyes, but WILL make you want to get up and go dancing. What's the opposite of an energy vampire? Dr. Stacia Alexander, that's what.

Topics and timestamps
12:08 - Responsible use of testosterone as part of a hormone therapy regimen
20:06 - The benefits of becoming "sugar sober"
30:20 - The Emotionality of Success
33:25 - Pushing the "emergency stop button" and assessing what your really want for your life
40:13 - Tips for access to mental health care
46:25 - The importance of goal-setting

Handles and sites
Dr. Alexander's website
Dr. Alexander's Insta
Dr. Alexander's facebook
Dr. Alexander's book 10+ Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in College

List of Resources Mentioned
Why Annual Pap Smears Are History – But Routine Ob-Gyn Visits Are Not
First testosterone patch for menopausal women to begin clinical trials this year

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