Circling the Drain

Now I Know My CBDs with Katelynn Nguyen

March 29, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Katelynn Nguyen Season 3 Episode 46
Circling the Drain
Now I Know My CBDs with Katelynn Nguyen
Show Notes

You've heard of CBD, but what about CBG? CBN? PHA? Katelynn Nguyen, founder of Willow Kay, is here to teach us about all of it. Willow Kay is a green and clean wellness and skincare company offering a variety of formulations to help improve sleep, care for problematic skin, and induce calm. Not only are Katelynn's products devoid of chemicals and endocrine disruptors, her packaging is entirely eco-conscious, having created the world’s first backyard compostable cosmetic jar that can break down into organic matter at any stage during its existence whether it’s on land or water. Katelynn started this business in part to help her niece Willow, who suffered from chronic atopic dermatitis as an infant and had sensitivities to traditional medications. If that sounds like the sweetest thing you've ever heard, you will love listening to Katelynn talk about her genuine passion for making good, earth-friendly products, even when it's hard. We also talk about other things, like Ellie's increased sense of smell, Hyaluronic Acid for your vagina, and yeast infection zombies. We always find a way to keep it weird.

Handles and sites
Willow Kay website
Willow Kay Insta
Willow Kay facebook
Willow Kay's Compassion Program - Discounted products for active and retired military, people living with chronic illness, persons with long-term disabilities, and low income qualifying individuals

Show Notes
Enter code CTD25 at checkout for a discount on all Willow Kay products!
Willow Kay Rescue Balm
Willow Kay 5:1 CBD+CBN+CBG Broad Spectrum Drops
Willow Kay CBG+CBD Balancing Serum
Tell Me About Vaginal Hyaluronic Acid by Dr. Jen Gunter
Study on CBG and MRSA
Boox reusable packaging

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