Circling the Drain

Do What Makes Your Balls Sing with Sabina Vajraca and Flora Natalia Diaz

April 12, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Sabina Vajraca and Flora Natalia Diaz Season 3 Episode 47
Circling the Drain
Do What Makes Your Balls Sing with Sabina Vajraca and Flora Natalia Diaz
Show Notes

Sometimes we bring you medical experts or health and wellness specialists, and other times we interview women with fascinating backgrounds and unique experiences in hopes that you might relate, feel seen, and if something funny comes up, laugh. This is one of those episodes. Sabina Vajrača is a Bosnian-American director/writer/producer who immigrated to the U.S. as a war refugee, and her dear friend Flora Natalia Diaz is a Jewish-Uruguayan actor, and one of those moms whose pregnancy was so ridiculously referred to as "geriatric". We talk about the trauma that comes from being affected by war, the life-changing mental health benefits of therapy, meditation, and mindfulness, and how you can have a midlife crisis even if you've followed your dreams. You will be touched by friendship, inspired by resilience, and possibly ruined for life when you hear a hemorrhoid story for the ages. Seriously... we thought we'd heard it all until this one. We hope this episode makes your balls sing. (You'll learn what that means when you listen!)

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Show Notes
Perimenopause by Baroness von Sketch Show
The Lipstick Butthole Test
Back to Bosnia - Full Movie by Sabina Vajrača
The "Flotilla" inflatable pregnancy/sex pillow that Flora mentioned
Perifit Trainer - Kegel Exerciser with app
Natural Cycles Birth Control Tracking App

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