Circling the Drain

We Finally Got You a Sleep Coach with Morgan Adams

March 01, 2023 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki with Morgan Adams Season 3 Episode 44
Circling the Drain
We Finally Got You a Sleep Coach with Morgan Adams
Show Notes

March is Sleep Awareness Month. Who knew? Our new favorite sleep expert knew! Morgan Adams is a holistic sleep coach for women, whose clients refer to her as their "sleep soulmate". Poor sleep is one of the major complaints we hear from women in midlife, and Morgan offers us potential solutions that are easy to implement and won't cost you a dime. If you're like us, you have tried everything to get the kind of sleep you got in your youth, so it's well worth listening to Morgan talk about the difference between natural sleep and the kind you get when you take a sleeping pill, how what you eat and when you eat it can affect your sleep, and how that glass of wine that makes you feel tired is actually detrimental to your sleep quality. We also discuss our most recurring anxiety dreams, confusing a bottle of vitamins for a glass of water, and our brand new Tik Tok account. (Do not take an Ambien before listening to this episode.)

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Show Notes
Menopause is More Than Just a Punchline by Sue Carter
Sleep Hygiene Tips from the CDC
Constructive Worry Exercise Worksheet
Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker
Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD
4-7-8 Breathing Technique
Oura Ring Sleep Tracker
The four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

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