Circling the Drain

Casseroles Are Everywhere

August 17, 2022 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki Season 2 Episode 30
Circling the Drain
Casseroles Are Everywhere
Show Notes

When we get comedians and storytellers on the pod, they do not hold back. Michele Carlo and Sheria Mattis take us on the most terrific tangents, touching on Nuyorican vs. Jamaican culture, getting pounded by strap-ons after menopause, and the wild world of foot worship, all while dropping deep insightful wisdom that makes us scream YASSSSS! We also adopt the word "casseroles" as our new favorite euphemism, shake our fists at a male gyno's incompetence regarding the copper IUD, and even give you some new old songs to add to your playlist. Listen now, thank us later. 

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No, YOU Tell It! featuring Sheria and Michele

Copper IUD (Paragard)
Lupron: What You Need to Know
What the Controversy Over Turning Red Misses

A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) by Romeo Void
Koffee by Toast
Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix Uncensored) ft. Gramma Funk

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