Circling the Drain

The Hazardous Footstool with Georgia Clark

June 08, 2022 Ellie Dvorkin Dunn & Julia Granacki Season 2 Episode 25
Circling the Drain
The Hazardous Footstool with Georgia Clark
Show Notes

Georgia Clark is a novelist, performer, and screenwriter. She's the author of the newly released Island Time, as well as It Had To Be You, The Bucket List, and others. She is also the host and founder of the popular storytelling night, Generation Women, which Ellie has performed in and which we wholeheartedly love and recommend.  At the time of this recording, Georgia's wife was very pregnant with the human who is now their daughter, and though Georgia has not yet had to contend with symptoms or behaviors related to her own hormonal changes, she had some amusing things to say about pregnancy hormones. Join us for a very special Pride Month Pod where we manage to discuss boners, boobs, and babies, AND introduce our new favorite literary  object: The Hazardous Footstool.

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Georgia Clark website
Island Time book
Generation Women
Twitter: @georgialouclark
facebook: @Georgia Clark
Instagram: @georgialouclark

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